Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award


The Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award is issued every year with respect to Anne Frank, a victim of struggles during the rise of Nazism. Anne Frank’s birthday was June 12, the same day the award ceremony is held in her honor. The ceremony honors outstanding citizens and educators, but it reserves one award for a student pursuing a college education. If you are a senior in high school that participates in community activities, you may be able to apply for one of these scholarships for college students. Read the information below to find out more about the qualifications you will have to abide by.

General Information about the Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award

  • Award Value: $10,000
  • Available Awards: 1
  • Deadline: January 31
  • Essay Required: Yes

Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply for the Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award, you must be a graduating high school student who has already been accepted into a four-year university. You do not have to be a certain age or gender, but you do need to have some leadership experiences behind you. You will have to reflect on those for your application essay. The scholarship committee also recommends that you read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and use it as a reference for your application. If you can do that, you should have no trouble becoming a frontrunner for the award.

How to Apply for the Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award

If you want to apply for the Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award, you will need to write a 1,000 word essay about how you have made your community better with Anne Frank’s inspiration. This essay may refer to your experiences and those discussed in Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. You can provide supporting materials for the essay, but they will not be returned after your application is submitted. For more information and access to a downloadable application form, go to Note that you will have to turn in two letters of recommendation with your essay, so you might want to start gathering them now. That way you are all prepared when the time comes to complete your application. With the right materials and a good essay to turn in, you may be able to win this prestigious award to help you pay for college.

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Scholarship Guide for College Students


Guest Post by Janelle Jamison

There are many ways to pay for higher education. Scholarships for college students, grants and loans are all provided by both the state and local governments around the United States. The federal government has been committed to creating a financially viable post-secondary education for graduating high school students but there are some problems. The cost of college is rising dramatically and has been for the last three decades. Looking for scholarships for college students can be a tricky business; however, the tools are very easily accessible.

Many libraries have books which detail which companies and charitable organizations provide scholarships for college students. The Good Schools Guide provides ample information about the listed scholarships and is published once a year in new editions. In addition the College Boardhas listings which detail the large numbers of institutions which offer scholarships for college students. Guidance councilors can be a resource in looking for scholarships which can point students in the right direction for more resources in your area.

There are a number of rules for looking for scholarships outside the internet and the library. Going to places where you work, or play can be a fruitful way to find accommodating scholarships. Also, being involved with the local community will be a great help in the search for scholarships for college students. Places like churches will provide scholarships for students who are looking to enter the ministry and go to seminary. Places in the south of the United States will provide scholarships for entering the Baptist and Evangelical Seminary to spread their religion. Also, the banks in any area usually will give scholarships to students who choose to major in either business or accounting. These kinds of places can be a good place for high school seniors to find interest in a chosen field or to spread their horizons of the business world.

The qualifications for college student scholarships can be quite steep. The fact that many scholarships are based on merit or a specific condition may lead to some dead ends. The conditions may include injury or illness which cannot be avoided, but certain scholarships are available for merit and the basis of award is predicated on the abilities of the applicant. If the applicant was in the military there are a number of service-based scholarships for members of any branch. Union membership of the union membership of a parent can be integral in finding the right amount of money for a scholarship applicant who is attached to the dwindling union base in the United States. If these categories are not applicable, the local chambers of commerce provide scholarships for those going into the business related fields.

The magnitude of scholarships for college students can also be dependent on the specific institution. Private colleges give more scholarship dollars per student because of the high base-line tuition rate. Those institutions also provide scholarships for college students through charitable trusts and large financial interests which are attached to the college. Private colleges have different rules for the amount of money provided because of the lack of public money coming into their budgets.

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Where in the Heck Do You Find Scholarships?!


As a college student – the difficuly of merely FINDING a scholarship is on par with applying for them. In fact, if college students knew where to find all scholarships they are eligible for, common money shortages would be a thing of the past for college students.

Since this is our first post, we’ll keep this short. Finding scholarships doesn’t have to be hard, and can be summed up in 3 words:


Visit your college’s financial aid office, and most knowledgeable financial aid officers can work with you on finding scholarships you are eligible for. Seems simple, but this resource is most often overlooked.

Until next time…



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